The Beginning of A Better Life

Living with depression sucks.

You tend to see everything through a lense of hopelessness, pessimism and disheartening realism. Your mind is guided by your fears and anxieties. You constantly have to fight away the worst of your thoughts and battle with the part of you that actively searches for those that will make you feel at your lowest. Your mind is vague and your head feels heavy, and focusing on anything is exhausting and short-lived. Smiling can be painful. Getting out of bed can seem pointless. Being alone can ruin you and nights can be hard, to say the least. All of your worst emotions – guilt, regret, loneliness – are amplified and can consume you if you let them. Your future can seem hopeless and you don’t need a valid reason to dislike yourself.

It’s exhausting and it’s constant. And it is ruining my life.

Starting right now, I need to make changes. I need to overcome my depression – not manage, not subside, overcome.

I want you gone, depression. Forever.

From now on,

  • I need to love myself.
  • I need to surround myself with loving, happy people.
  • I need to STOP letting depression affect my life.
  • I need to let go of what is bad for me.
  • I think to STOP ruminating over negative thoughts. Just STOP.
  • I need to enjoy the small things.
  • I need to truly appreciate what I have.
  • I need to have a brighter outlook on life.

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